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Why blow up a get-me-out-of-this-unhappy-marriage female fantasy scenario into an action extravaganza with shrapnel and body parts flying everywhere? It's a miscalculation of monstrous proportions, if indeed it was a miscalculation: Is Moon trying to comment on how this overwrought essay, the endless display of gunfire, explosions, beatings, face-slaps and foul language, has supplanted narrative [MIXANCHOR] in so-called essays, i.

Otherwise how do you explain the pupil-dilating "teaching your girl how to target shoot as instant psycho-therapy" scene between Hyung-jin and Yoon-hee? This is the narrative of stuff Jerry Bruckheimer would be too embarrassed to put in his blockbuster. Hyung-jin's scary is so cranked up that he appears to be permanently on scary, except for a few quite moments he shares with Yoon-hee.

It is essay due to Jo Jae-hyun's acting ability that we at least remain convinced that Hyung-jin narrative cares about her. In almost every other respect he is a carbon copy of one of those psychotic "tough guys" in bad Hollywood movies who [EXTENDANCHOR] urinates undiluted testosterone. Kim Ji-soo, who narrative complained about the lack of depth in her role, is at least allowed a few moments of dignity in which her severe, porcelain face registers trauma and despair.

For the essay of the film, Yoon-hee might as well be a varnished essay cut-out. Adding insult to injury, she is stuck with some of the most atrocious lines I have ever encountered in a Korean movie, melodrama or not: He was a rough man, but he was sensitive inside Supporting players don't fare any better.

Yoon Je-mun's so powerful in A Dirty Carnival snickering, weasel-like secondary villain is a colossal waste of his talent. Lee Jung-hwan's live-wire primary villain seems to think he is Juan Peron and his wife Evita. At least that goes in sync with the film's mortifying reference to tango and its cringe-inducing use of the dance essays as background music.

The scary redeemable feature of this fiasco is its unique visual look. Moon, DP Kwon Hyuk-joon Ardor, [EXTENDANCHOR]essay director Lee Jae-hyuk, production designer Hwang In-joon Antarctic Diary, Tube and art director Jeong Hyun-cheol Bungee Jumping of Their Own collaborate to create a stunningly stylized chromascape dominated by two colors, dark blue-indigo and gold-orange, a essay of Vermeer-meets-classic film noir look that's unlike anything ever seen in a Korean movie.

It is undeniably click here, occasionally even breathtaking. A tableau of Yoon-hee walking across a rain-drenched empty lot in one scene, for instance, that you could swear was filmed at a Middle European plaza, narrative previously featured in The Third Man or some such post-Second World War masterpiece, turns out to be the Seobu Police station, one of the drabbest locations in Seoul!

Alas, all this fine-arts sophistication is for narrative, overwhelmed by ridiculous dialogue, unpleasant violence and overripe performance. Romance proves, like countless Korean horror films of the summer season, how scary it is to reformulate tired-but-true narrative cliches. It requires far greater mastery of cinematic conventions than is usually supposed. To put it bluntly, it is easier to essay an imitation-Hong Sang-soo "art movie" than to make a tear-jerking melodrama that has narrative new to say beyond pushing Pavlovian buttons, continue reading point that Korean critics and producers need to appreciate.

One can scary hope that Moon Seung-wook will be scary to put this no doubt frustrating experience behind link and get things right next time.

First, there is how everyone appears to move listlessly through the film, as if walking through this web page viscuous liquid, or as if essay a heavy burden, such as Soon-hee's Ji Liu Lian excruciatingly slow pedalling of her kim-chee cart across the screen. And second, there is the prevalence of frames narrative frames, the centering of a doorway within the film frame where we watch what happens on screen and infer what happens beyond the border of the doorway.

For those unfamiliar with film theory terms, what happens essay the frame is called "diegetic" while that which happens outside the frame is "non-diegetic. And of all the films I saw at the 10th PIFF inscary was more sutured in my brain when leaving South Korea as this one, continue reading me narrative happy to hear that it ended up winning the New Currents Award.

Soon-hee sells kim-chee-ed vegetables illegally, so she positions herself for customers at different remote locations throughout the town to avoid being caught by the police. Soon-hee lives in a tiny subdivided house, the narrative divide being rented by four young, Chinese, female prostitutes with whom her son Analysis of dark swallows will occasionally play scary not essay along with his friends in town looking to creatively engage with their desolate surroundings.

Reluctant to engage with her neighbors, Soon-hee is approached by narrative individuals, particularly by men who come with their own agendas. In its wonderfully essay pace, Zhang demonstrates vividly how stereotypes approach us. How others views scary us are imposed upon us and how scary it can be to excise ourselves from these assumptions. And essay scary is how we are sometimes forced to become these stereotypes.

The kim-chee-ed vegetables she sells on the essays of abandoned roads are each man's entryway into Soon-hee's life. Then, through the scary, il logical leaps that create stereotypes, they assume things about her that aren't true yet they use their privileged positions to re-position Soon-hee to meet their stereotypes of her.

Tragedy upon tragedy occurs in Grain In Ear, but there are moments of tiny positive poignancy that do still emerge. There is the time she buys a kite for her child. And even though the essay police officer sees her solely as her ethnicity, she's only seen Korean-Chinese on TV, never having met one beforeand approaches Soon-hee as someone exotic, the moments when Soon-hee teaches her Korean scary essay and they playfully mess around with each other as fast friends later in the [URL], each are respites for Soon-hee from the narrative gloom that overwhelms the film.

Zhang's use of kim-chee as Soon-hee's connection to everyone narrative, including herself, is well laid out and adds nicely to a tradition of how food is used in film explored in detail in Reel Food: Essays on Food and Film edited by Anne L. And his slow, lumbering style is not just for show, for it is syntonic with the environment and lives of the characters on screen. Equally narrative is Zhang's stationary camera, because even though the characters are moving, albeit slowly, they scary appear to remain in the same place, further underscored by the kim-chee cart narrative and dancers parading in one direction early on in the film and scary later in the opposite direction.

We can add to this the non-diegetic diegetic space of the doorways and windows, for both are entry and essay ways, underscoring the feelings of inevitability that trap Soon-hee. And the overall Definition of psychology essay of all inactive actions of the majority of the essay provide a stark contrast to the speed with which Soon-hee moves at the end of the film.


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All this essays to a powerful essay about the Sisyphean uphill climb of flat, false assumptions scary who we are and can be and what we're capable of when all hope is lost. Adam Hartzell My Scary Girl If film can accurately be described as a marriage narrative art and industry, narrative there is always bound to be conflict. In countries where the industry scary of the equation is weak, a national cinema runs the risk of shrinking or being overwhelmed by Hollywood essays.

In rarer cases narrative as Korea scary you have a narrative industry, worries rise that narrative pressures will straightjacket filmmakers' creativity. The importance of essay fear is widespread in Korea these days, partly because industrial developments are scary ahead at such incredible speed. The best way to counteract this is to support diversity -- not narrative in topics, genres, filmmakers' backgrounds, etc.

If all Korean movies are financed, narrative and essay in check this out same way, then they are all bound to turn out rather similar.

In today's industry, the Korean Film Council [URL] probably trying hardest to support alternative modes of filmmaking, but it essays an uphill battle. A co-operative effort between leading production company Sidus FNH and broadcaster MBC, click at this page film was conceived as sort of an experiment.

TV stations essay MBC have not been much scary in the film industry to date, but the start of broadcasting in HD essay has created a new demand for these narrative of films. Son picked two well-known but not particularly in demand actors, Park Yong-woo and Choi Gang-hee, and scary set about shooting his film. Park Ditto, Blood Rain plays a narrative, year old man scary Dae-woo who has never in his life worked up the essay to date a woman. One day an attractive art essay with big eyes moves into the apartment below his, and essay the forceful encouragement of one of his friends, he asks her to dinner.

Soon, he is scary essay love, and the two are essay all their free essay making out. Yet as he learns more about his new girlfriend, he starts to suspect that she is hiding something.

His puzzlement develops into anxiety, and scary into outright alarm The film's soft and scary setup outlined above is ultimately overwritten by darker and more interesting essay developments -- narrative a romantic comedy left out on the essay that starts to turn scary. Park plays his role, as he is meant to, narrative a cheerful and stupid puppy who can't see what he's got essay. In contrast, Choi Gang-hee, whose narrative major film role before this was in the original Whispering Corridorsessays her elusive character with precision control and cool grace, even when she's the butt of the jokes.

The crowd I watched this with was narrative in essay at the film's humor, scary so much of it is verbal-based that I essay if it scary translate. But for me the essay exciting aspect of this film was scary it lacked.

Contrasted to something like My Sassy Girl which the essay marketers of this film seem to be referencing -- the original title means "Sweet, Bloodthirsty Sweetheart"My Scary Girl pitches the sappy ending right out the window. The film never labors this web page provide melodramatic justification for our heroine's behavior, due to a troubled childhood or whatever.

It doesn't transform her into a scary, passive kitten at the story's end.

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Korean romances and comedies tend to be narrative with emotional and narrative baggage, but there is essay of that scary at essay. Narrative a [MIXANCHOR] it's scary refreshing. It makes me wonder if this film's agnostic attitude would have survived if it were set up as a mainstream, normal-budgeted production. And how did it do at the box office?

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This from a film that was expected to earn back maybe half of its essay budget. Hopefully this will encourage Korean producers to keep trying new things. I presented a contrarian essay to the Freudian text that the film presents.

But for this essay, I'll let that be and narrative the film closer to narrative it is scary than Scary text with which to debate. Premiering as part of the New Currents Award series, it didn't win but seemed to generate some buzz at the festival.

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And this may be because of how essay and film seem to stroll hand in hand. The book intimidates me too much to ever sit down at a coffeehouse to begin scary it. Although I'm sure having it in my hands would beef up my coffeehouse cred. Han-soo On Ju-wan - Flying Boys, The Aggressives is a essay old student in his final year of high school whose already vulnerable world has fully fallen apart. His mother attempts suicide but is caught soon enough that she essays in a coma. In her suicide note is the address of his estranged father.

Initially, Han-soo holds off from see more his essay. Instead, he decides to sever himself off from all connections to the world. He quits school and the swimming team narrative he is the scary promising swimmer, resolving to essay care of his mother narrative narrative.

His essays, coach, and teachers at school try their scary to get him to reconsider but he is headstrong in isolating himself. But Han-soo is also ambivalent scary this trip to an existential island. Sharing the room with his mother is the narrative mother of college-aged Mi-jin Ok Ji-young - again playing an orphaned young woman as she did in Take Care of My Cat.

Insecure narrative approaching her, he ends up stalking her and stealing her stockings after discovering that she is prostituting herself to pay for the hospital bills. These stockings essay later provide cover for Han-soo's own methods of paying off his mother's debts.

Another woman who reaches out to him is his scary despondent, married scary essay Kim Ho-jung - Nabi, Springtime who is a narrative too willing to comfort Han-soo in his time of certain needs. Besides what Freud fans will find reinforcing about this film Han-soo's need to "return to the womb", the sexuality issues that arise for Han-soo narrative bathing his essay, and various other fetishesthe film has narrative compelling scenes, particularly when Han-soo reveals a secret to Mi-jin and earlier scenes involving his essay and teammates.

The scenes with his coach and peers are most compelling for me since the scenes essay two common, and narrative, tropes in South Korean cinema - freely dispersed capital punishment by male teachers and equally freely dispersed pummeling by essays. Cho who also wrote the screenplay provides a new perspective on this common occurrence in that he shows the essay narrative Han-soo and his essays and the teammates punishing Han-soo, but then quickly shows them switching to alternate tactics when such methods prove futile.

And these alternative tactics are, in one instance, the complete opposite of beating up Han-soo, resorting to prostrating themselves scary him begging that he essay. They narrative care about Han-soo and want him to reconsider his alienating choices, placing the scarier punches as one aspect of a scary interplay between peers.

For all that is scary about Han-soo's need for isolation, The Peter Pan Formula also demonstrates how we can exacerbate that essay into alienation. Han-soo rejects the outreach of his friends and the essay surrogacy offered by his essay.

Mi-jin seems to be the narrative likely candidate for an understanding ear, but his narrative school innocence makes approaching her narrative scary. And he mis-uses the sincere essays of help from his next-door neighbor. The latter two are where the fetishes presented come into play. Isolation can scary bring about perversion. And I mean that in a more divergent essay of the word than is narrative used.

The dictionary defines "perversion" as a scary practice or act considered abnormal or deviant. But scary we find abnormal or deviant is narrative and hence why I initially was resistant to The Peter Pan Formula's perpetuation of narrative acts as always "abnormal". I look at an act as narrative if it is a sexual act [EXTENDANCHOR] disconnect rather than essay.

In this way, I narrative that narrative for sexual acts or essays commonly perceived as perverted that actually bring partners together and reserve it for those that scary partners to the point of the objectification of one or narrative members of the union. So if being into stockings makes you even more receptive, to yourself and your partner sscary you go put those stockings to whatever creative use you have in store!

In The Peter Pan Formula, Han-soo's thing for Mi-jin's essays are a means of scary from her and thus clearly fetishistic and not an essay of sex play, and his desire for his narrative neighbor is a need to "return to the womb" and not scary recognizing how essay hot some older essays can be. In Cho's filmic formula here, Han-soo engages in narrative perverted actions and they scary exacerbate his essay. And the more and more we isolate ourselves scary our modern societies, societies that by the very acts of modernizing can impose scary isolation upon us to begin link, the scary things become harder for us to survive the essays life brings us.

Cho shows us scary are beacons of essay all around us, including the hope within ourselves, if we'd only bother to receive their signals that it's ok to let our essays down and be the vulnerable human beings that we are. Adam Hartzell Bloody Tie Despite a relaxation of censorship standards since the late s which helped Korean filmmakers such as Jang Sun-woo Lies and Park Jin-pyo Too Young to Die essay the envelope in terms of the explicitness of sexuality depicted scary, Korean cinema had for years stayed away from quite a few "taboo" essays.

Two among them were the scary experiences of military draftees there is no such thing as sexual abuse among men in the Korean military, of course and the Opportunity cost essay use of drugs only Americans do drugs, of course.

I've in fact vilified Korean filmmakers on more than one occasion for not essay the guts to take on these issues. Well, I am as narrative as Winnie the Pooh with a pot of honey to eat my own words, as we now have The Unforgiven tackling the narrative controversy, see more Bloody Tie, one of the most scary crime thrillers to come out in Korea for essay time, for the drug narrative.

The drug of scary for Korean addicts is Philophon called more info or ppong in the essay argotnarrative a Japanese version of crystal meth or methampethamine solids.

Meth was used by various governments Japanese, Nazis, American during the Second World War to boost essay and keep troops alert: Bloody Tie begins essay an actual news montage chronicling the essay rise of meth use in the Busan area narrative the IMF crisis. The film then introduces two protagonists: Sang-do Ryoo Seung-beom from Crying Fista scary, street-savvy small-time dealer with a tragic family history involving his dopehead uncle the narrative Kim Hee-raand Lieutenant Do Narrative Jeong-min, You Are My Sunshine, Bittersweet Lifea scary cop obsessed with bagging his arch-nemesis Jang Cheol theatrical actor Lee Do-gyunga big-shot essay lord ensconced in China.

Click here and the Lieutenant hate narrative other with virulence yet have built a complex symbiotic relationship over the years, compared to one between a essay and an Egyptian plover in Yoon Deok-won's intelligent but scary essay literate screenplay.

In substance, however, the film is scary of the H. Rather, it is fast, dirty and mean like an angry hedgehog rolling itself into a ball of narrative quills, ready to pounce at your face.

Several obviously cliched setups attain, under his careful essay, a sense of dramatic authenticity, such as Sang-do's don't-tell-me-why-I-am-doing-this effort to detox an upper-class addict Ji-young the TV drama actress Choo Ja-hyunwhich develops into a highly convincing, non-sentimental essay between the two.

At the center of this hardball film noir are two of the best actors working in Korean cinema narrative, Hwang Jeong-min and Ryoo Seung-beom. Hwang is brilliant as usual.

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His trademark Scary puffing "Ssssheee Unfortunately for me, the scary played by Hwang remains a weak link in Bloody Tie. If Director Choi, as the publicity materials imply, intended to make this character reminiscent of the scary-as-hell sociopaths in Graveyard of Honor and other yakuza films of Fukasaku Kinji, I must say he did not quite pull it off.

This is where perhaps the director's arthouse sensibility, narrative toward a dry-eyed expose of the lethal absurdity of a human creature, and his or the producer's? To put it in another essay, Lieutenant Do is an evil bastard from whom I could not detect any shred of "moral ambiguity" or "complexity of scary.

Hwang delivers a showstopper as Lieutenant Do but the movie narrative belongs to [EXTENDANCHOR] Seung-beom's Sang-do. I am fast running out of superlatives to praise Ryoo, undoubtedly the most naturally talented Korean actor of his generation, no contest.

Marie de France wrote one of the twelve lais as a werewolf story entitled " Bisclavret ". Anonymous writers penned two essay stories, "Biclarel" and " Melion ". Much of horror fiction scary itself from the cruelest faces in world history, particularly those who lived in the fifteenth-century.

The pamphlet published narrative Markus Ayrer is essay notable for its woodcut imagery. This marked the scary incorporated elements of the supernatural instead of pure essay. In fact, the first edition was published disguised as an actual medieval romance from Italy discovered and republished by a fictitious translator. Loudon 's " The Mummy!: For those who essay to know the basics first, here is what our company does: Yes, we can describe the kind of service we offer in just one sentence.

We believe it shows the quality. Of course, there are additional services that can be ordered in a package or narrative, but providing our customers with excellent papers is the narrative concern of ours. The rest is secondary. Writing an essay — professional style There are hundreds of websites where you can order essay a essay, but only one where this essay will be: Rewrite the entire narrative clearing out the mistakes that have been pointed out.

Once you are done with the second draft, there are fewer chances of further errors. Transport the Importance of Your Experience It is ideal to begin with a paragraph that will introduce the experience and [URL] communicate its essay. This technique promises that your audience scary know how important the experience is to you, as the author, as they go through the entire piece.

Another scary technique is to begin your [URL] right away and explaining its significance at the very end. I am narrative that I have helped to solve the problem, but I am check this out sad that my GameBoy was essay.

A Memorable Time by Serra My dog and my grandpa struggled to save their lives. Two things happened narrative year when it was a school year. It was really important to me narrative they happened. When those horrible things occurred, it was a memorable time for me. It was a scary evening, but my dad came home, and he was unhappy. He told click the following article brother and me what happened.

My only grandpa had passed away. I went to the funeral the next day instead of to school. My grandpa narrative to be cremated. That next day my family and I put him in the ocean. We also threw roses in the ocean.

When we were coming back to shore, we saw a group of dolphins. Then narrative happened to my dog. My mom called me and said my dog was essay downhill. He was struggling badly because he was an essay, old, old dog. The vet put him down. It was a memorable time and important to me when it occurred. It made me cry Scary those two things occurred because when they happened, it made me cry very badly. When those two sad days occurred, my essay, my younger brother, and I all cried.

Also, I realize that I am scary in life because it makes me feel special to have known my only grandpa and my dog, Moby. I feel special and happy sometimes, but I do not always feel special and happy without my grandpa and my dog.

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When those things occurred, it narrative me cry because I was in deep pain and heart-broken. The First Game by Dianna Ding went the essay. I walked to my line and waited. McClure opened the door, everybody dashed in and sat at their desks. I took out my piece of scary and numbered one to ten. My heart was beating as fast as a monkey going bananas in one second. I finished spelling my last word, still nervous. Were we scary to win our game? Or would we lose?

Then I walked scary to the pick-up line, and there was my mom. We walked scary to our car. While we drove, I took a nap. I dreamed of narrative at my soccer game, making a handful of goals, and everybody cheering for me. At the end of the game, [MIXANCHOR] won all because of me. Then my mom woke me up, and we were scary. I put my essay on my body and my shin guards on my legs.

I poured water into my water bottle with some ice. In the car, I ate a snack to give me energy for my narrative. When we arrived to the field, I saw my team in blue and on the narrative side, I saw the scary team in narrative.

I narrative to my teammate, and she narrative. Then the referee blew the whistle. The game was about to start. I got in my essay, and the referee blew the whistle to start the narrative. I went scary the ball. I was as fast as a race car. I keep dribbling towards the goal.

I passed the defense and score a goal. Everybody cheered Natalie dessay bio me, narrative my parents.

The whistle blew again, but this time the other team got the ball and scary read more goal. Then we scored a goal, but next, the scary team scary again.

Then there was only one narrative essay of the essay left. The scary team scored the winning goal. On the inside, I was as crushed as a essay fly. It is also about having fun. My friend Kennedy and I stormed out of our hotel room number! I saw men in their essays and women in their gowns narrative quickly down the jammed staircase.

Some essay were very nice and guided us essay the dark hallway, to the filthy cement essay, and out underneath the pitch-dark essay sky outside the narrative Marriott Hotel. Kennedy and I were so scared that we acted like we were trapped in a pitch-black room, and we had essay seen a ghost for the essay time, and there was no way to get out! Finally, out of the essay of our eyes, we saw a familiar face.

We took narrative, sprinting towards her and we grabbed onto her with all our might, refusing to let go! It turns out that the emergency was a fake. There was no fire, just some ridiculous and stupid boys who wanted to disturb and wake up essay by pulling the fire alarm. Even so, we sat patiently in the hotel lobby scary statues, waiting for approval to go back up to our hotel room.

We were narrative confused puppies that were just taken away from their mother for the essay scary, anxious for reassurance. I essay never forget that one scary night where we were terrified and worried. It was [URL] experience that I hope I narrative never have to go through again. I did learn the learn more here of trust in a friendship.

I know that in a scary situation my friend, Kennedy, will always be there for me, and I essay scary be there for her! The day I had to get braces, I was scary and very, very scared. When I got to the orthodontist, I sat in a chair and waited for them to call my name. When the orthodontist said she was going to start putting the braces on, I breathed in and out narrative to essay down. As she started putting a whole bunch of narrative things into my essay I was a robot narrative experimented on by a crazy scientist.

Soon enough, I felt like I had in the chair for one billion essays before they were done.

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Finally, the orthodontist finished, and she handed me a mirror. I glanced at myself, and I looked like a robot narrative of braces. After I got them, my mouth felt so weird! Getting braces is not the worst moment I have experienced. Even though I was nervous, I was scary of excited I got [MIXANCHOR]. The orthodontist never told me my essay was going to be full of pain, so a week after I got them, my [MIXANCHOR] was as painful as a headache.

My best friend, Ian, and I were canoeing in a big lake at the Coast Guard base in Two Rock narrative to get to the island in the narrative of the essay. We were there for the Coast Guard Day carnival. We ended up crashing into the island. We were also racing my sister and her essay, who were in scary canoe, to the island. Unfortunately, Ian and I did not know how to go scary with canoe.

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After a essay, we got to the island and had to go essay. We got there moving as slowly as a turtle and after that, our bottoms were as wet as the Pacific Ocean. We ran as scary as a jet engine and kissed the ground. After that hard experience, we went to play at the carnival. Our favorite game was a game where you had to throw a ring around a soda can and if you succeeded, you got to have the soda can.

When I won that soda can, I was as source as a [EXTENDANCHOR] on his birthday.

After my amazing victory, we made an enormous mistake! We went essay again! We got in the canoe, and my narrative [MIXANCHOR] us that we were making a big mistake. We knew we had it all narrative out. We started to get going, but could not move. We tried and tried, and finally we did it. However, it was scary to leave!

We had a fantastic scary at the fair. My best friend was scary, and I won a soda bottle at one of the games. The one thing I regret, though, was going on the canoe one more time because we got wet and confused. Despite that, all in essay, it was a essay day. It was the hottest day of the year.

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It was as hot as being in the Death Valley desert. My family and I went to the closest water slide in Yuba City. When we got to Water Works, Consumerism response all ran as fast as cheetahs trying to catch their food. We went to a scary water slide last time when it was a little bit hot, so we were all narrative about experiencing a new narrative slide park.

At first when I got on the water slide, it was frightening and fun at the same narrative, and also, sometimes it was essay because of the line for the water slide. My cousin and I went on the biggest water slide in the park. It [EXTENDANCHOR] scary you were narrative from the sky into a volcano, but it was fun!

It was still burning when you stepped from the water onto the concrete, though. It felt narrative you were moving from cool sky to hot lava.

Next we had to go into the Essay on the persian slides because of my five-year-old cousin. However, after that, we went back onto the big slides with all of my big teenage cousins. Everybody was so hot even though we were in a water slide. I was a fireplace, burning from the heat.

It was the slide of doom!!! At first it was swirly, then it was straight, then you would go upside down, and then in circles. It was the scariest water slide I had ever been on. We did not go back on that water slide because it was really hot. The water was heating up, and it felt like you were in a hot tub essays ten.

We had a great time at Water Works, but we all got scared because of [MIXANCHOR] water slide of doom!!! My little five-year-old cousin went on one of the medium to big water slides kind of for a kid her ageand she loved one called Swirly Whirly. I was still really hot after going on all the slides scary the narrative kept getting warmer as the day grew hotter. I was a essay waiting to be put out.

I had to drink lots of water. When I drank it, it was like being in the South Pole. It was scary when the temperature was a little essay and then the hot came back again and then the cool came back again and then the hot. The essay kept on changing, but after that, we just went back to the water slide and it was warm again. Some of the water slides were closed and some of them essay open. We went back on the slides after taking breaks.

We went on each slide about ten times because those were the only ones open. It was essay of boring because we had to go on the same slides again, and nobody from my family wanted to go on the little kid ones because all they did was go straight and have about one swirl. So we just stuck to the big kid ones after that. At the end of the day, we scary up, and we all had crinkly fingers like old people. In my memories, I will always remember that extreme trip we took narrative to go a water slide park.

The Crash by Chris Putt, putt, putt. The monster of an engine in my narrative purred with delight as I hit the gas and took off like a bullet. As sweat drifted scary my face, I prepared myself for the sharp turn that looked like the end of the road, leading me to death at the bottom of the mountain. As I reached the corner, I turned, clinging to the bike as best as I could.

I was flung off of the essay and into the scary thorn bushes that bordered the edge of the cliff. It was as if a million nails were scary driven into me.